Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

We represent international and domestic clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, throughout the United States and internationally before state and federal courts, as well as arbitration and mediation panels, including ICC, AAA, and JAMS, in the entire United States. If required, we can count on the support of local counsel from our network of trusted counsel around the country.

We are especially experienced in counseling foreign clients on issues in U.S. litigation and arbitration arising from the contrasts between different legal systems and business cultures, the treatment of foreign law in state and federal court proceedings, and transnational service of process and production of evidence. Our litigators also have experience serving as expert witnesses on issues of U.S. and New York law for foreign tribunals.

We pursue a wide spectrum of contested matters, ranging from simple contract disputes to complex litigation involving multiple parties. The scope of our representation reflects the breadth of the activities of our domestic and international clients. In addition, our litigators stand out because of their extensive trial experience.

Our litigation expertise extends to disputes arising in connection with:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions of companies or assets, and corporate combinations,
  • Admiralty and maritime matters,
  • Antitrust violations,
  • Bankruptcy-related claims,
  • Commercial property and real estate leases,
  • Broker-dealer and investment adviser customer relationships,
  • Distribution, license agreements, and other business transactions,
  • Franchise and retail operations,
  • Investments and other financial transactions,
  • Intellectual property rights and domain names,
  • International trade disputes,
  • Product liability and insurance litigation, and
  • Stockholder, limited liability company, and partnership agreements.